Protecting the environment now, and for future generations, is important for the health and growth of the Little River District.

The County needs to create a department focused on the environment. Currently, our environmental experts are dispersed throughout different departments. Bringing the experts together in one department will ensure the environment is a priority.

In 2020, I wrote an Earth Day initiative on behalf of Chair Phyllis Randall that led to the establishment of the County’s first Environmental Commission. This was a start but to implement the work plan and energy strategy a dedicated environmental department is needed.

Priorities to protect our natural resources include:

  • Increase our passive and active parks and multi-use trails to meet the diverse needs of this district
  • Enact a land banking policy to secure these facilities before our County is built out
  • Establish a nonprofit Park Foundation for residents and businesses to contribute and help meet the need for green space and parks
  • Adjust development regulations to expand the tree canopy requirements to preserve our more mature trees, especially native trees, and protect the existing habitat
Environment Laura TeKrony Priority Little River District Supervisor