Land Use

Loudoun County has a unique vision with four distinct policy areas (urban, suburban, transition and rural), seven towns, and many rural villages. I will preserve and enhance the unique vision in our 2019 Comprehensive Plan to maintain the high quality of life residents’ desire. Loudoun’s Comprehensive Plan is much more than just a land-use plan – it is the reflection of community values.

Urban The arrival of the Metro has given the County an opportunity to develop a vibrant mixed use high capacity transit area. New policies and incentives are needed to promote housing affordability in the urban policy area. I support hiring an urban planner who is experienced in realizing the vision at both of Loudoun’s Metro stations.

Suburban This area is almost built out with many homeowner associations. To increase transparency and communication, I will create a Homeowners Association Liaison whose role is to keep the community informed about land use and zoning issues. Airplane noise and overflights is a concern in the Little River District and I support engaging the Federal Aviation Administration to address these concerns. I also support changing the required disclosure in the Airport Impact Overlay District to a notification for properties farthest from the airport.

Transition Located in the center of the County between the suburban and rural areas, most of this area is in the Little River District. My vision for the transition policy area is a central reserve where needed amenities like parks, schools, linear trails, and other facilities can be located to serve both eastern and western Loudoun.

Loudoun County Policy Areas