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TeKrony Congratulates Candidates on Democratic Primary Wins

LOUDOUN COUNTY, Virginia, June 23, 2023 On Tuesday, June 20th, the Democratic primary for state senate, delegate, and commonwealth’s attorney occurred. Laura TeKrony, Democratic candidate for Little River District Supervisor, spent Tuesday at the Creighton’s Corner Elementary School precinct in Brambleton supporting her fellow Democratic candidates. TeKrony had been knocking on doors across the Little River District leading up to the election to get out the vote for candidates running in the overlapping districts.

“Congratulations to Russet, Suhas, Kannan, and Buta for their well-deserved victories,” said TeKrony. Russet Perry is running in Senate District 31 and shares TeKrony’s western Loudoun precincts. Suhas Subramanyam is in Senate District 32, and Kannan Srinivasan is in House District 26; they overlap with the Little River’s Brambleton precincts. Buta Biberaj is running for reelection as Loudoun County’s Commonwealth’s Attorney.

TeKrony is ready to unite with Democrats in Loudoun County. “I have shared values with my fellow Democratic candidates, and I look forward to coordinating on the campaign trail,” TeKrony concluded.

Laura TeKrony Continues to Work with the Community to Address Concerns with Aircraft Overflights and Noise.

LOUDOUN COUNTY, Virginia, January 31, 2023 Laura TeKrony announced that she supports preserving the 1993 Dulles Airport Impact Overlay District to minimize aircraft overflights and noise affecting existing residents. “I supported Supervisor Mike Turner’s alternative motion that would have retained the boundaries of the overlay district that the County has been protecting from residential development for 30 years, but it failed. I also supported the formation of a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Community Roundtable to bring all the stakeholders together to discuss the feasibility of changing the departure flight path of aircraft taking off from Runway 30.”

Since last July, Laura has been working with the Brambleton Community Association and residents from Brambleton and Birchwood to organize community meetings on behalf of Chair Phyllis Randall and to listen to resident concerns. “The community’s campaign to research the issues and educate elected officials is noteworthy and helped inform the alternative motion proposed by Supervisor Turner. Like the community, I support smart economic development of the airport.”

“When I am elected Supervisor for the Little River District, I plan to revisit this as a priority policy issue. My focus will always be on the issues that affect residents’ quality of life in the district,” Laura concluded.

For the past three years, the Board of Supervisors has been considering a new Airport Impact Overlay District based on the 2019 noise contour study performed by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority. On Tuesday, January 17th, the Board majority approved this new overlay district and instructed staff to open a dialogue with the FAA. Supervisor Mike Turner’s alternative motion was to adopt the 2019 noise contours in the comprehensive plan and retain the 1993 noise contours in the zoning ordinance and form an FAA Community Roundtable. On Wednesday, February 1st, Chair Phyllis Randall is holding a stakeholders’ meeting in the Dulles Room of the Loudoun County Government Center from 7:00 to 9:00 pm that is open to the public.

Laura TeKrony Announces Candidacy for Little River District Supervisor Current Legislative Aide Seeks to Lead the Renamed, Redrawn District

LOUDOUN COUNTY, Virginia, December 9, 2022 Today, Laura TeKrony officially announced she is a Democratic candidate for Supervisor for the newly renamed and redrawn Little River District in 2023.

Laura has been a resident of Aldie for over 18 years. Since 2016, Laura has been the legislative aide to Phyllis Randall, Chair At-Large of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. She has strong roots in the Little River District and has spent almost two decades building relationships in local government, neighborhoods, and nonprofit communities. “I am running for Little River Supervisor because our new district needs an experienced public servant.  We are the most diverse district, covering three distinct land-use policy areas with the highest growth rate in the county. As a current legislative aide, I understand public service, and land use policies. I have the institutional knowledge and relationships needed to best serve our district.” TeKrony promises to work hard to meet residents, listen to their concerns, and implement effective solutions. She is dedicated to protecting residents’ quality of life through initiatives such as: adequately funding our public schools, keeping our communities safe, supporting an effective multimodal transportation network, promoting public transit and bike and pedestrian facilities, preserving historic and natural resources, completing the linear trails network, securing needed parkland, protecting the Rural and Transition Policy Areas, and increasing sustainability for Loudoun residents and businesses. “In my current role, I am passionate about helping constituents with complex issues Countywide.  I believe Loudoun County and the Little River District provide an ideal home for families to live, work, and enjoy their community. As Supervisor, my focus will be on advancing the needs of residents. Whether it is the traffic congestion, overcrowded schools, or data centers near residential development, I am committed to serving existing residents, finding solutions, and creating a thriving community.” Laura received her BA from Bucknell University and her Master’s from Fordham University. She and her husband Mark have three daughters, two dogs, and two cats. Laura enjoys spending time outdoors gardening, biking, and hiking. Details of TeKrony’s platform are available upon request by emailing