Why Laura

As a resident for almost 20 years, I have watched our community grow into a thriving, complex district. The Little River District is the fastest growing and most diverse district in Loudoun County covering three distinct land-use policy areas. It requires an experienced public servant with the ability and knowledge to be effective from day one. I am running for Little River District Supervisor because I have the land use knowledge and public service experience to best serve you and your family. 

I am dedicated to protecting your quality of life through initiatives such as: 


  • Make our roads safer with traffic-calming measures, crosswalks and roundabouts, and relieve congestion with intelligent synching of lights.
  • Commit to passing the lowest possible tax rates while maintaining critical county services and adequately funding the schools. 
  • Accelerate new schools to alleviate overcrowding.
  • Diversify our economy and enact clear guidelines for data center development. 
  • Continue working with the community to address concerns with airport overflights and noise. 
  • Preserve the Rural and Transition Policy Areas.
  • Protect environmental and historic assets and advocate for more parks, green space and multi-use trails.

I will work hard for you. I want to meet with you, listen to your concerns, and implement effective solutions. My priority is protecting the quality of life of current residents. I would be honored to serve you as the Loudoun County Little River District Supervisor.

Laura TeKrony talking to residents of Loudoun County